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Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF November 21 – 2 7, 2022

Don ye now your business apparel and gather up those dry clean only party clothes. You’ll want them pressed, polished and pret–a–porter, because this Tuesday, November 22 the Sun is zipping into Sagittarius for a monthlong voyage through your career zone. Social butterflies Mercury and Venus are already mingling and jingling in this zodiac zone, which practically guarantees that any event-hopping will pay off for your professional life. Prioritize holiday season soirees that you know will double as networking events for you. And hey, what a great excuse for taking clients and colleagues out for a drink or dinner to cheer the end of the year—and plant seeds for a profitable 2023. Don’t say no to any important industry invitations, even if you’d rather be lounging by a roaring fireplace with a glass of brandied eggnog in hand. It’s a lot easier to steal facetime with the CEO in a festive environment than it is to book an appointment through their secretary.

If you have designs on opening up Pisces, Inc. the momentum will build for the next four weeks. And Wednesday is an especially important moment for that. For one thing, the year’s only new moon in Sagittarius is like a lunar launch pad for your ambitions. Important people show up as your key allies, including folks from your own family or inner circle. If you’re feeling held back, grab your hammer and smash that glass. The ceiling can’t hold you now!

But that’s not the biggest news of the week. It’s all systems go for your personal passions starting Wednesday, November 23, as magnanimous Jupiter pivots out of retrograde and hits the accelerator in YOUR sign. If you’ve felt like you’ve been spinning your wheels and not making much forward progress, buckle your seat belt and prepare to blast off until (at least) December 20! With the optimistic planet moving ahead through Pisces until then, you can aim your starship in the direction you want and successfully launch into orbit.


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Jupiter has been weaving in and out of your sign since May 13, 2021, and this is the final stretch of its three laps. Projects and ideas that started (at least in your imagination) when Jupiter entered your sign, may have stalled when the “red giant” pivoted into reverse on July 28—or perhaps once it entered Aries on May 10. Hopefully you used this introspective period to get a more objective take on your life. Ideally, you took note of your strengths as well as areas that needed some shoring up. Now, as Jupiter blazes ahead, you can use your newfound clarity and confidence to plot out your next moves. Think about making a big one before the red-spotted planet departs for another decade on December 20. Until then, you’ll have supersized support for any mission!

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