July 19, 2024


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Obianuju’s September Favorites | Rouge 18

Obianuju’s September Favorites | Rouge 18

 Have you heard? I now have a newsletter, where I share the beauty products on which I’m spending my own American dollars after years of gratis beauty swag.

1. Yves Saint Laurent Vinyl Cream Lip Stain in ‘401 Rouge Vinyle’ ($37)

This lip stain offers bold, high-shine color. 404 Rouge Vinyle is a true red that is flattering on all skin tones.

2. MAC Dazzleshadow Liquid in ‘Diamond Crumbles’ ($22)

If you’re into glitter but don’t want to deal with the potential mess of loose glitter, liquid glitter is for you. MAC’s entire Dazzleshadow Liquid line is perfection, but my favorite shade is Diamond Crumbles, a shimmery and glittery “holographic blue with pink pearl.”

3. Sigma E36 Blending Brush ($15)

I’m in love with Sigma brushes, and this is one of my favorites. Fluffy blending brushes tend to be large, which is great for diffusing color over large spaces. Brushes intended for detail work are typically tapered/pointed, pack a lot of color, but create harsher (rather than diffused) lines. The E36 is the best of both worlds! This blending brush is small and narrow. It’s perfect for more detail blending in the crease or on the edges, and it creates soft transitions rather than harsh lines. Plus, when you by brushes directly from Sigma, they come with a 2-year warranty.


Obianuju Enworom

Obianuju Enworom