May 19, 2024


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More than a Memory – By Ambassador Grace

More than a Memory - By Ambassador Grace

In 2020 I experienced the chance to be an ambassador for Beth Millner Jewellery and genuinely fell in love with the jewellery and the creative imagination of the team.  I am obviously not innovative by mother nature and it gave me the opportunity to be innovative and have fun with pics when advertising and marketing an astounding woman owned manufacturer.  Six months right after the summary of my ambassadorship my planet was rocked with the loss of my boss and close friend in my chiropractic planet.  

Butterfly ring handmade by Beth Millner Jewelry

When I begun as a young doctor 11 a long time in the past I started doing work with her and around time our careers grew closer and so did our friendship.  When she handed it was extremely tough for our teams and our gals designed little businesses.  Bobbi was much larger than lifestyle and usually introduced a smile to everyone’s faces.  She produced time for the minimal points and constantly experienced a way of creating each and every solitary man or woman sense liked and unique. 

Hodag Chiropractic

In the times just after her support Beth’s crew aided me to choose out one thing exclusive for her ladies and myself to often continue to keep her close to.  The monarch butterfly had a exclusive purpose in her assistance.  Beth’s butterfly rings ended up best, small plenty of to get with each and every of us for when we wanted her and particular since of the link to her.  

I take my ring just about just about everywhere with me particularly when I know I need her steerage from afar.  Jewelry can be so considerably far more than satisfies the eye, and Beth’s workforce is exceptional at assisting you decide out what you want most. 

As Dr. Bobbi would say “Have Your Greatest Working day!”