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Jewelry Wire Size Chart

If you are examining this, you likely have some desire in jewelry wire – which is good! Jewellery producing is a popular hobby, and for a great cause! It can be amazingly satisfying to just take a piece of steel and transform it into some thing wonderful.

A wire is a superb medium for making jewelry, and there are numerous opportunities when it arrives to what you can do with it.

In this report, we’ll go over the principles of jewelry wire: what it is, the distinctive sorts offered, and how to use it. We’ll also deliver some strategies on working with wire so that you can make attractive pieces that will stand the check of time.

What Is a Jewellery Wire?

Jewellery wire is a variety of metal that is particularly intended for use in generating jewellery. It is ordinarily designed from copper, brass, or sterling silver and is generally plated with a further metallic, these types of as gold or silver.

A wire is marketed in a wide range of thicknesses, known as gauges. The thicker the wire, the increased the gauge number. For example, a 12-gauge wire is thicker than a 16-gauge wire.

Wire Gauge Systems 

There are two primary techniques for measuring the thickness of jewelry wire: the American Wire Gauge (AWG) technique and the Common Wire Gauge (SWG) technique.

The AWG process is utilised in the United States, while the SWG system is made use of in Europe. In general, you will want to use the exact same gauge process in the course of your task so that all your items are steady.

See the chart under for the gauge measurement in inches and millimeters.

Jewelry Wire Size Chart

Types of Jewelry Wire

Quite a few unique forms of jewelry wire are obtainable on the marketplace, every single with its special qualities. The form of wire you use will count on the challenge you’re doing the job on. Some of the most frequent styles of jewellery wire include:

  1. Sterling silver wire: Sterling silver is a well known alternative for jewellery making due to the fact it is delicate and easy to work with. It is also a quite strong metallic, so your items will be strong.
  2. Gold-filled wire: Gold-filled wire is manufactured by bonding a layer of gold to a foundation steel. It is much a lot less costly than sound gold, but it nevertheless has a stunning, lustrous complete.
  3. Copper wire: Copper wire is a wonderful preference for beginners, as it is rather cheap and uncomplicated to do the job with. It does are inclined to tarnish in excess of time, so you will need to have to just take treatment of your items.
  4. Brass wire: Brass wire is comparable to copper wire but has a yellow-gold shade. It is also a little bit a lot more tricky to operate with than copper wire.

Wire Shapes

  • Spherical Wire
  • Fifty percent-round wire
  • Square wire
  • Twisted wire

The most prevalent kind of jewellery wire is spherical wire, which is exactly what it seems like – a piece of metal formed into a circular shape. It really is the most common selection for wire wrapping and wire forming. It is also greatly accessible at all jewellery-earning supplies sellers. If some vendors do not specify the shape of the wire, usually, it is a round form wire.

However, the wire also will come in other designs, these as flat, sq., and 50 %-round.

Flat wire is, as you could count on, a piece of steel flattened into a skinny strip. It is usually utilised for making wire-wrapped jewellery, as it can be easily wrapped all over stones.

Square wire is, as you may possibly guess, a piece of metal formed into a square form. It can be used for several uses, such as generating back links and wire-wrapped configurations.

Sq. wires can also be quickly bundled together given that the connecting sides are flat, making it possible for designers to make exceptional styles. A person issue to be informed of in the square wire is that you have to maintain the wire straight to steer clear of undesirable twists. The twist in the sq. wire can be incredibly apparent.

As the name indicates, the 50 percent-spherical wire is a piece of metallic that is 50 % spherical and 50 % flat. It is typically made use of for making jump rings, as it is quick to bend into a circle.

Wire Hardness

  • Lifeless soft
  • Half-difficult
  • Entire-tough

The hardness of wire is measured on a scale of dead tender to the full difficult.

Lifeless tender wire is the most malleable kind of wire and is generally made use of for jobs that demand a whole lot of bending.

The 50 percent-hard wire is much less malleable and is frequently utilised for initiatives that call for fewer bending.

The comprehensive-really hard wire is the least malleable kind and is ordinarily only utilised for jobs demanding incredibly minimal bending.

Tools Necessary When Doing work with Jewellery Wire

Jewellery wire can be worked with a variety of instruments, which include pliers, cutters, and documents.

How to Use Jewelry Wire

Now that we have gone around the basics of jewelry wire and its obtainable sorts let us converse about how to use it.

Step One: Normally use sharp equipment: When slicing or shaping wire, be guaranteed to use sharp instruments. This will help you get a clean up, exact cut.

Stage Two: Operate bit by bit and meticulously: When functioning with wire, take your time and be very careful. This is not content that you want to rush as a result of.

Phase 3: Pliers are a have to-have device for everyone operating with jewelry. Pliers grip the wire, bend it, and twist it into form. There are a wide range of distinct sorts of pliers accessible, each with its own particular objective.

Move 4: Cutters are made use of to lower the wire to the desired length. There are many forms of cutters offered, each built for reducing distinctive sorts of wire.

Stage Five: Data files are utilized to clean the edges of the wire immediately after currently being slash. This is crucial, as sharp edges can be hazardous.

One of the most crucial items to don’t forget when working with wire is constantly using the correct resources. Wire cutters are particularly created for reducing wire and will give you a cleanse reduce that would not injury the wire.

Handy Strategies When Doing the job with Jewellery Wire

There are a several various procedures that you can use when operating with wire.

Wrapping is a widespread procedure made use of to insert decoration to a piece of jewelry. For illustration, to wrap the wire around a stone, only area the stone in the center of a duration of wire, and then use your pliers to wrap the wire around the stone.

Coiling is one more prevalent method that is applied to create the decoration, as nicely as to incorporate construction to a piece of jewelry. To coil wire, start by wrapping it about a mandrel (a rod made use of to shape metal). The moment you have wrapped the wire close to the mandrel a several periods, use your pliers to gently squeeze the coils alongside one another.

After you have mastered the fundamentals of functioning with jewellery wire, the sky is the restrict in phrases of what you can develop.

So, get out your instruments and give it a try out – we are sure you’ll enjoy the success!


What is the big difference concerning dead gentle, half-difficult, and comprehensive-really hard wire?

The hardness of wire is calculated on a scale of lifeless comfortable to the total really hard. Useless tender wire is the most malleable type of wire and is usually employed for assignments that require a ton of bending. The half-difficult wire is fewer malleable and is usually applied for projects that involve less bending. At last, the complete-tricky wire is the the very least malleable kind of wire and is ordinarily only made use of for initiatives that require pretty minimal bending.


We hope this write-up has helped you understand the fundamental principles of jewellery wire. Now that you know the various kinds of wire readily available and the resources and techniques made use of to function with it, you happen to be completely ready to get started developing your possess distinctive jewellery parts! Thanks for reading through!