May 19, 2024


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Jewelry Collection Stories – Kylie of okay______fine – Gem Gossip

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Today’s showcased jewelry collector is Kylie of alright_____high-quality, an Instagram account of a jewellery loving, uber creative ceramist who describes her website page as her digital jewellery box. Her type and flavor in jewelry is as distinctive as they appear, with a appreciate for spooky period, obsession for charms and stackable rings for days. She has a expertise for Do it yourself jewellery containers, but these are truly the sort that make your mouth fall and do not search like you raided Joann Fabric’s sale area of ruffle trim. Let us choose a dive into her jewellery box and listen to her tale!

“Jewelry has generally been in my daily life. My mom curated her selection largely when I was younger, then slowed way down. I guess I absorbed all that fireplace from her and my thirst for gold began. My collection was generally attraction-hefty (for the reason that who can resist a miniature?) and fluffed by heirloom items and secret trophies I “borrowed” from my mom’s jewellery box. After I landed my very first major girl career right after college or university, that is when the true fun started. It commenced slowly but surely and really thoroughly prepared, and then it just avalanched into a total-blown escapade.”


“This is my mom’s antique appeal bracelet that she hid away in a pretend Arizona iced tea stash can (in the fridge!) permanently. Final calendar year, I last but not least persuaded her she ought to be wearing it. I lent her a shorter box chain so now she wears it as a necklace to shield the charms. I can’t wait for it to be mine a single day, fortunately my sisters are not large on jewellery.”


“Like so lots of of these collections, mine also commenced with my mother, who has the beeeest style in antique jewellery and charms. She does not obtain any certain themes, but she does really like mourning hair and enamel. I try to remember in 2nd quality, she was conveying to my classmates that her ring was designed of “real hair, like from a useless person” and the look of disgust on my friends’ faces. She’s so neat. But in truth, my adore of jewellery bloomed from my obsession with packing containers. I’m a ceramicist by working day, so sort and functionality are on greatest display screen when it will come to housing little useful lovely points. Storage is an ongoing quest/puzzle/itch of mine. I probably devote a lot more time on the lookout at jewelry packing containers than I do factors to set within. I have built a few myself from scratch, and also relined a few of vintage containers I have thrifted. I like owning a several medium containers alternatively than just one significant a single that suits my full collection. Chains are the most difficult though, and I really do not love most of the necklace stands in the industry, so I recently developed a ladder/pulley type of procedure, which I think is a playful remedy. I also have a number of of these supportive girl hooks from Kaye Blegvad by my mattress to acquire my necklaces following my nightly mass untangle. Like an insect trapped in a spiderweb, HA!”


“Lockets and Halloween are my favourite motifs to gather! I’m box-minded, so of system, lockets make perception for me to be obsessed with. I’ve hoarded just about every locket I have ever encountered, from crusty to fantastic, I just appreciate the very small hinges. Halloween has just usually been my detail I in no way outgrew my adore of Oct. I’ve been operating on a Halloween appeal bracelet for a though, but I have slight motivation challenges with soldering them to a chain, so I additional some bounce rings onto a chain to make it possible for me to swap em out for now. My most loved is a classic cauldron allure I snagged last calendar year. I observed one particular like it a even though back and kicked myself that I missed it. That direct to lengthy nights on eBay and google and all the net nooks. When it popped up in my feed many years later, I hit the buy button so fast. I try to remember all the reviews on the seller’s publish had been alongside the lines of “Woah, that went so speedy!” and it made me smirk to myself like a villain. I’m so glad she’s mine and she discovered me following all that time. I nevertheless assume about my best unicorn piece I skipped out on this year which was the most attractive antique locket with a 3D spider mounted on major. It had a rose minimize diamond and was way out of my price range. I think about it all the time.”


Most new uncover: I snagged a vintage French 18k rounded mariner chain. It has a amazing clasp and is great fiddling size. I’m patiently waiting for the best celebration to give it to myself.

Most sentimental piece: Oy. My grandpa’s signet. He wore it for 60 several years and I inherited it just after he handed simply because we share the exact initials, all the cousins were jealous, it was a big deal. I stupidly wore it on my pinky (like he did) to college a person day, and in geometry course, I understood it was no lengthier there! You know that experience. Immediate nausea. Searched on my fingers and knees for an hour crying like a lunatic. My mom was going to murder me. …THANKFULLY, I known as the bus business that I took to faculty, and they Observed IT! It was pretty a wonder. That ring did not leave its unique box for 8 decades until eventually I graduated from university and finally resized it. I also have this buttery classic Tiffany peridot that suggests a large amount to me. It was gifted to me through a extremely transformative time.

Most worn piece: The one matter I’ve never ever taken off (other than for 1 surgical treatment) is a curb ID anklet that my mother wore when she was youthful. It is been on me considering that I plucked it from her jewelry box when I was 14. I truly feel like it’s my signature now. Apart from that, my M.Hisae Determine ring is usually on me. That detail is pure tactile ease and comfort, I rub it all day.

Thanks for sharing your assortment with us Kylie. You can follow her here –> @alright_______great