May 23, 2024


It's A Shop Adventure

*HOT* Get a KiwiCo activity kit for kids just $4.95 (lowest price EVER)

*HOT* Get a KiwiCo activity kit for kids just $4.95 (lowest price EVER)

KiwiCo, a subscription activity box service for kids, is offering a special discount just in time for all of our cold winter months!

Use the code EARLY at checkout to get most boxes for $4.95 shipped. This is 80% off the regular price.

You can use the code on as many boxes as you’d like — I was able to purchase multiple boxes and got $19 off each one.

If you have older kids, you especially need to buy a box. Their Tinker and Doodle boxes are fabulous (the Eureka and Maker Crate is more expensive, but the code works on those as well). My older kids love, love, love them!

Here’s how to do the deal:

Go to KiwiCo.

Click or tap the green “Get a Crate” box. Do NOT click “Store.”

Fill in the child’s info and answer the questions, including which box you are ordering for that child.

I honestly don’t think the Panda crate for babies and toddlers is a great deal. I would skip it.

Select the Monthly option ($23.95).

Skip the extra book if offered.

If you want to order an additional box for another child, click the link that looks like this and repeat the steps above.

When you’ve added all the boxes to your cart, head to checkout.

Use the code EARLY in the “Have a coupon code?” link. The code will not work on boxes sold in the “Store” — only on subscriptions.

You will pay $4.95 for most of the boxes and $13.95 for the Eureka and Maker boxes.

Go to KiwiCo to order an activity box!

This is a subscription box, so you will receive a box next month as well if you do not cancel before the ship date. Canceling is super easy. I write the date I need to cancel on my calendar. It takes about two minutes to go through the process and it’s all online. No phone calls needed.

And just in case you’re wondering what comes in a box, here’s an example of what activities came in previous boxes, but note that the theme and activities change each month. These pics are just to give you an idea of what to expect (and to see the amazing quality).

Go to KiwiCo to order an activity box!

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