July 19, 2024


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Afforable Friday Birthday Edition! – Ali Manno (Fedotowsky)

Afforable Friday Birthday Edition! – Ali Manno (Fedotowsky)

Thank you guys, so so much for coming to my very special edition Affordable Friday birthday post! Today I turn 38 and I really wanted to celebrate doing what I love most, which is sharing affordable fashion! When I was choosing items for this post, it dawned on me that the weather is so different for everybody depending on where you live, so I really wanted this affordable Friday to have items for people in all different climates. So whether you live somewhere really warm and you just want something that has a fall look but won’t leave you sweating. I’ve got something for you! Or if you live in the colder climate, I’ve got something for you too! So, I hope you guys absolutely love this blog post! I saved some of my favorite pieces for my birthday post!

Rush and get this dress before it sells out! I know I say that a lot, but oh my gosh I mean it with the most urgency that I possibly could right now because it is incredible and under $20! It comes in a few different colors, but I fell in love with this mustard yellow color for fall. I’m wearing a size medium, but honestly I feel like I could’ve easily sized down to a small. They don’t have the small available in this color anymore so I actually went ahead and ordered the extra small just to see how it will fit to decide which one I want to keep, but it is so comfy, super flattering, and the little ruffle detail on the sleeve is just my favorite! You are going to be shocked when you get this dress and see how gorgeous it is, and then realize you spent only $19 on it!

I’m showing it to you styled with a cardigan, knee-high boots and booties so that you can see all the different ways it can be worn. So if you live in a hotter climate, you can wear it with the booties or even sneakers or sandals. But if you live somewhere where it’s starting to transition to fall, you can easily throw on a cardigan and wear boots with it!


Here’s another super super super cute affordable dress that’s under $25! What I also love about this dress is once again, it is perfect no matter what climate you live in! It has a sleeve, so it gives that fall feel, but the material is really lightweight so it’s great for the warmer climates, but at the same time it’s also pretty warm in the areas where it gets cooler.

I also went ahead and sized down one in this dress. I’m wearing a small and I normally wear a medium. Definitely size down in this! In fact, I almost feel like I could’ve sized down too! I actually feel like you can’t go wrong sizing down in this because the top is super stretchy around your ribs and bust area. So don’t be afraid to go down one or two sizes! I don’t know why, but sometimes it makes me nervous to go down a size when someone recommends it. That’s why I’m sharing this.


Another super cute dress for under $20! Gosh, the prices in this Affordable Friday post are just so good. And again, this one can be worn, no matter what climate you live in! You can wear it as it is with a cute pair of booties if you’re in the warmer climate, and then throw on a cardigan if you live somewhere cooler.

I got my normal size in this dress, size medium, and it fits well but I honestly think I could’ve gone down one as well. And this dress comes in three other colors, one of the prints is the most gorgeous floral print called “winter white watercolor” and I didn’t get it because they’re out of it in size medium, but it’s available in a few other sizes including a size small, so I honestly think I might buy it because it’s so cute. Go to the website to see the print I’m talking about and definitely get it if it is still available in your size! In general, this dress comes in size XS to XXXL.

I also haven’t fully talked about these booties yet even though I’ve worn them in every look so far. Get these western booties! First, you’re not gonna believe the price. They’re only $24! I highly recommend reading the reviews so you can see what everybody else is saying about them. It’s very positive! They come in this white color, but then also a cognac color if you’d rather that. And I mentioned this in my last blog post, but any bootie that I own is loose around the ankle cause I feel like it helps balance out the rest of the leg. And these definitely do that. They’re just super flattering on your leg and I love love love them!


My goodness do I love this outfit. In general, I really loveturtlenecks. I think they always look classic and chic. And I love this dress because it’s great no matter what climate you live in. In these photos I want to show you how you could wear it as is, but then also layer a cardigan over it. I wore this cardigan in one of my earlier looks, but I haven’t really talked about it yet, so I just wanted to share that this is such a great basic cardigan to have for this fall and winter. The material feels super expensive and it’s well-made. But you’re only gonna spend $28 on it! I got a size medium and I’d say it’s the perfect size so definitely get your normal size in this one. It comes in sizes extra small to triple XL and comes in four different colors. So if white isn’t your thing, you could also get it in a really pretty burnt orange, color, pink, or navy! You’ll just find yourself using this cardigan to layer again, and again!

The dress is such a great basic and can be styled and accessorized in so many different ways. I also got a medium in this which is my normal size so it’s true to size. And styled it with a knee-high boot. I talked about these boots in my last affordable Friday so if you got them please comment below and tell me how much you love them because I know you do! I cannot believe these bootsare only $34. They are on par with boots that I have in my closet that I spent three times that on!


I had to throw in a festive look that’s affordable, so I am sharing this really cute skull vest that I got for just $12! I got a size medium which is my normal size and it’s definitely fitted. This brand, no boundaries, is a juniors line, so I definitely always get my size if not size up in some of the things. If you want this to have a baggier fit definitely size up one or two sizes. But because I wanted it fitted I got my normal size.

I’m wearing it with a white turtleneck underneath that I’ve had for a while and then the super cute Sophia Vergara jeans that I wore and wrote about in my last affordable Friday post. I love love love how high wasted these jeans are. I just recommend sizing down in them for sure! I know sizing down in jeans is a scary thing. I always worry things won’t fit. But I promise you size down in these. And then I finished the look with these $14 sneakers that I wear all the time.


OK last but not least I love love love this pleated shoulder sweater because again it’s a great transition to fall piece because it’s a sweater but because it’s short sleeved, it’s good for different climates and for transitioning from the warmer weather to the colder weather. Plus, the little pleat on the shoulder is just so darling! It’s only $22 and comes in five different colors. I love this burnt orange color for fall but it also comes in a red color that would be perfect for the holidays if you love the look of this or need something festive but live in a warmer climate. The red sweater would actually be perfect for holiday photos if you live in an area where it’s hot during the holidays.

I also have to mention and give a shoutout to the sneakers cause I’m obsessed. I love the 90s vibe of them and they are so so so so so comfy! Plus they’re under 20 bucks which is amazing! These would make a really really great walking shoe because they’re so comfy .

Lastly, I am linking a few other items that I got that I love. These sweatshirts are quite honestly one of my favorite sweatshirts ever! I own multiple colors in this sweatshirt because I love it so much. And Walmart has it in a pack of two for only $25.

OK well that’s all for me! I’m actually really happy that this got posted today because people were trying to hack into my site last night so I got locked out for 24 hours, so it was a long night of trying to get back in but I’m in and we kicked those hackers out! Ha! I hope you guys have a great Friday and a great weekend. Thank you so much for being here and supporting my affordable Friday post!