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The Latest Men’s Fashion Trends 2022 by Roano Collection

It’s 2022! Do you need a wardrobe makeover? Or do you just want to catch up on the latest fashion trend for men? Look no further because below is a list of the most coveted brands and their latest offerings this new year. Shop the look from their official sites and never be out of trend!

Louis Vuitton’s late Creative Director Virgil Abloh infused the luxury and elegance of the brand with streetwear elements. He re-interpreted the staples of suits, tracksuits, shirts and t-shirts on a never-ending loop. Louis Vuitton celebrated Abloh in their Spring/Summer runway show, featuring some of Abloh’s final designs.

The Latest Men’s Fashion Trends 2022 by Roano Collection

Louis vuitton look 2022

 Louis Vuitton menswear

Gucci’s newest creative director Alessandro Michele radically transforms the Italian super brand as he reinvents its overall aesthetic now with a spicy Bohemian flare.  Blending Florentine workmanship, it is a revised version of past references from 70s to 90s. Discover incomparable Italian craft in every look, lined with bold colors, ingenious cuts and delicate patterns highlighting tasteful twists. Join the dreamy, diverse, and free-spirited world, Gucci menswear is the essential target of every trend savant hunting for a statement closet piece.

gucci menswear

 gucci menswear

gucci menswear look 2022

Balenciaga Men staples are created for the sophisticated urban man. It evokes sleek city style with a touch of cool yet elegance. Famous for their iconic trainers and designer jackets, Balenciaga’s compilation blends conventional tailoring with the brand’s current and spirited aesthetic. They break into the norms of fashion with audacious designs and shapes, creating statement shoes and lone-line t-shirts. If you’re looking something out-of-the-box, then Balenciaga is your brand.

Balenciaga menswear look 2022

Balenciaga menswear look
Balenciaga menswear 2022
Balenciaga menswear 2022

Dior Homme has been fulfilling dreams since it started in 1947. This Parisian house has founded itself in the realm of haute couture as the icon of supreme sophistication; from one period to the next, its energetic creations of unclassifiable poise reinvent the rules of fashion. Kim Jones, the creative director of the men’s collections, explains the brand’s legacy to offer men with timeless and contemporary grace. Dior Homme is the brand for men who love pure luxury tailoring.

Dior menswear 2022

Dior shop the look

Dior menswear 2022

Dior shop the look

A Modern Prada Man – has a “rich internal life informing his outer projection of self”, is exactly what Tom Holland represents as he becomes the face of Prada’s Spring/Summer 2022 Campaign.  With avant-garde fabric dyes and color mixtures, Prada’s artistic excellence maintains men’s inner swagger and takes ‘dapper’ up a notch. Prada’s layouts create a defined bravado for a more assertive stand, their stitching quality is clear within the spotless patterns of Prada Men clothing. Their devotion to detail adds a refined whiff, creating the principled masculine design.

Tom Holland prada

Prada shop the look

Tom Holland menswear prada

Prada menswear 2022

A renowned Italian shoe designer celebrated for the excellence of his designs, Salvatore Ferragamo is the quintessence of Italian magic, this is a trademark that isn’t scared to show its genuine colors. From the crisp tailoring of the men’s collection, an eclectic mix of citations and decades, contemporary twists and signature elements keep it consistent. It’s newest offering is the Tiger in Wonderland for the 2022 Chinese New Year. The fabled footwear and accessories are as eternal as ever with their iconic Gancini detail and flawless leather creation.

Ferragamo menswear

Ferragamo shop the look

Ferragamo menswear 2022

Ferragamo shop the look 2022

Launching her Men’s line in 2016, Stella McCartney is known to hit the proper balance between being easy to wear, but hardly dull. Straightforward and sleek, her pieces are exactly what a stylish guy will wear. Stella McCartney is a lifelong vegetarian, and that extends to her works of art as she refuses to use any fur or leather in her compilation. Stella McCartney’s dedication to sustainability is apparent throughout her collections and is a component of the brand’s ethos to being a conscientious, truthful, and innovative company.

mccartney menswear 2022

mccartney shop the look 2022

Famous for their furs, Fendi is an Italian powerhouse known to blend luxury with distinctive design. This combination of elegant luxury with ingenuity is what Fendi is known for in the trend world. Fendi Men bring together modernism with playfulness. Its line is contemporary while paying tribute to the label’s artistry heritage. The collection features polished pieces with eye-catching features, including logo-embellished sweatshirts, vintage sunglasses, and chic updates on classic shoe patterns. If you’re looking for a slayer piece, eccentric details, or teasing prints, you’ll find Fendi’s fabulous collection to suite exactly what you need.

fendi menswear 2022

fendi shop the look 2022

Polish your look with a bracelet, necklace or ring and you’re surely get compliments not just on how expensive your attire is, but how well they are put together. Remember that these little details tell a lot about you and your personal style. Leather, precious stones, silver, and beads are pieces that go well along with almost any outfit. Sprinkle a little bit of your personality, add character, and tell your story through your men’s jewelry to complete your luxury look.

men jewelry 2022