May 25, 2024


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How to Maintain Blonde Hair and the 22 Best Products

How to Maintain Blonde Hair and the 22 Best Products

I’m happy to say that my hair is also pretty healthy, considering the journey that it takes for a natural brunette like me to get there. We’ve all seen how celebs can seemingly go from black to blonde in the blink of an eye (if they aren’t wearing a wig) but the reality is that it’s a long process, which could be too much to handle if you’re not patient.

Celebrity hairstylist and founder of #Mydentity Guy Tang says that the biggest mistake that people make when wanting to go blonde is thinking that they can go from dark brown hair to platinum in a single service. “Going blonde takes time,” he says. “If you rush it you will damage your hair and have a brassy blonde. Let your stylist do it the right way and you will end up with a beautiful blonde color.”

Once you reach your dream blonde shade, there are a few maintenance tips to keep in mind. Touch-ups, for one, are key. Because my hair grows fast, my hairstylist (shoutout Gina Atkinson at Moef Salon!) doesn’t want me going past eight weeks for a touch-up. “If you have highlights or global blonding up to your roots, then a touch up every four to six weeks is a good standard to go by. This ensures your roots don’t grow out too much,” explains Tang. He says that for this kind of blonde, if roots are longer than 1.5 inches or so, it gets harder to get an even clean blonde lift in a single service, but if you have a low maintenance blonde color, you can go as long as four months before getting a touch-up.